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Senate District 45 Republican Party
2018 Precinct Caucus Call

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Doors open at 6:15pm
Caucus begins at promptly 7:00pm

Robbinsdale Cooper High School
8230 47th Ave N
New Hope, MN 55428

Who can attend?
Any member of the public residing in Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale, certain precincts in Golden Valley, and certain precincts in Plymouth can attend SD45 Republican precinct caucuses. However, since Minnesota does not have an official party registration process, in order fully participate in caucus proceedings such as voting, offering resolutions, or becoming a delegate, you must:

  • Be eligible to vote in the November 2018 general election.
  • Be in general agreement with the principles of the Minnesota Republican Party.
  • Currently live in one of the precincts within SD45’s boundaries [Verify your precinct at:]

List of SD45 precincts and corresponding delegate allocation:
Caucus Delegate allocation

What happens at the caucus?

Caucus meetings generally take one to 1.5 hours, however to be safe plan on 2 hours. By law, your precinct caucus meeting begins promptly at 7:00pm. Please arrive at the location between 6:00pm and 7:00pm to find and get to the classroom your precinct will meet in. It helps if you come knowing your precinct name which you can look up at

During the caucus we will:

  1. Choose volunteers to serve as precinct officers. Precinct officers work with the Senate District to organize political activities in the precinct such as maintaining contact lists, convening political meetings and helping with campaign efforts.
  2. Discuss issues and ideas for the party to support. Your neighbors may bring ideas, called resolutions, to be voted on. People usually bring a typed or handwritten copy of their resolution.  Precinct attendees will vote on whether to support each resolution to be sent to the next political convention.
  3. Vote for the person you want the party to support for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota. This is called the “straw poll” or “preference ballot”, which is an informal, non-binding poll the results of which will be shared with the Minnesota State Republican Party to help gauge support for candidates.
  4. Elect delegates to represent your precinct at Senate District 45 conventions and full committee meetings held during 2018 and 2019. At these conventions, delegates may endorse candidates to represent the county or district, choose a smaller number of delegates for the Minnesota Republican Party’s congressional and state conventions, vote on resolutions to be forwarded to state and congressional level conventions, and/or elect Senate District 45 executive officers.

Candidates running for public office

Republican candidates running for public office who intend to seek an endorsement at any 2018 Republican Convention, and candidates running for public office in 2018 non-partisan races within the boundaries of SD45 such as City Council, County Commissioner, School Board, Park Board, etc. may speak at or provide literature for precinct caucuses.  Click here for full candidate instructions.

Volunteer to help with caucus!
A smooth and successful caucus is entirely dependent on the generous assistance of volunteers like you. Please contact us here to assist with any one of the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Caucus Conveners & Secretaries – help run your precinct’s caucus using the script and packet provided. Report your precinct caucus results to the coordinator.
  • Lobby Ushers – help direct attendees to their correct precinct rooms using precinct finder tools provided. This is a great volunteer opportunity for teenagers interested in civic engagement.
  • Setup Crew – help setup lobby tables and signage. You will be able to attend your precinct’s caucus at 7:00pm. Help takedown / clean up lobby.

Additional Information:

Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Abby Sookraj, Chair
Senate District 45 Republicans